Africa John's Hand Sculpted Stone Beads


Spectrolite - see Labradorite

Trade name for a labradorite from Finland that shows the spectral colors especially effectively.

$3.50 - $7.00 each How to order

Sugilite Africa John's Stone Beads

Sugilite {also known as Royal Lavulite and Royal Azel}

Dark purple in color. - It is wonderful to wear or carry - it gives one a feeling of being free - being on top of a mountain with the breeze ruffling your hair. It infuses the being with inspiration and confidence. more about Sugilite

$10.- $30.- $50. each How to order

tiger eye
Tiger Eye - Mohs Hardness: 7- Treatment: None - Color: Shades of honey yellow and brown

Formed from hawk's eye where the iron in inclusions of crocidolite has oxidized to a brown color, keeping the fibrous structure. The luster is silky with a wavy light-ray on fractures. Typically displays stripes, because included fibers are crooked or bent. more about Tiger Eye

$4. $8. each How to order

Rose Tourmaline - Africa John's Stone Beads

Tourmaline (Rose) Mohs Hardness: 7-7.5 - Treatment: Usually heat-treated

Tourmaline is mined in the United States, Brazil, Australia, Mexico and Russia. It became a known gemstone in the eighteenth century. more about Tourmaline

$15. - $30. each How to order


Unakite (New to the Market)

Opaque granitic rock with main parts of aggregate being quartz and feldspar as well as greenish epidote. Very compact and hard. Named after place of discovery in South Carolina, USA.

$4. - $8. each How to order


Verd Antique - Africa John's Stone Beads


    Green rock, interspersed with white calcite or dolomite veins; a serpentinite brecia. Simply called serpentine in the trade.

$4. - $6. - $8. - $12. each How to order

Opalized Wood - Africa John's Stone Beads

Wood - Opalized  (rare)

Small $5. - $10. - Medium $6. - $12. - Large $8. - $16. each How to order

Ruby Zoisite - Africa John's Stone Beads

Zoisite (Ruby)

The mineral zoisite (named after the collector Zois) was first found in the Sau-Alp mountains in Karnten, Austria, in 1804. It was originally called saualpite, and gemstone quality specimens have only recently been found. more about Ruby Zoisite

$4. - $6. - $8. - $12. - $16. each How to order

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