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Jasper  various names and colors>

Jasper is a massive, fine-grained, opaque variety of chalcedony, believed to protect against sight defects and drought. It occurs in shades of brown, grayish blue, red, yellow, and green and mixtures of these. Found in India, Venezuela, Russia, France, Germany, and in the USA more about Jasper

Lizzard Skin Jasper - Africa John's Stone Beads Lizzard Skin Jasper - Africa John's Stone Beads
Lizard Skin Jasper
 $4, $6, $8, $12 each How to order

Madagascar Jasper - Africa John's Stone Beads Madagascar Jasper - Africa John's Stone Beads
Madagascar (Ocean Coral) Jasper
$8 - $10. - $16. - $20. $30. and up each - new to the market - Rare How to order

picture jasper
Picture Jasper
$5 - $10 and up each How to order

Burro Creek Jasper
Burro Creek Jasper (Arizona)
$ 8, $12, $16, $24, and up each How to order

leopard skin jasper
Leopard Skin Jasper
$3 - $6. How to order

poppie jasper
Morgan Hill Poppie Jasper
$15 - $30 - beads
$24. and up - pendants How to order

Lapis Lazuli  - Mohs Hardness: 5-6 - Treatment: None; polished with paraffin wax
Lapis Lazuli is a blue rock made up of several different minerals, including lazurite, Sodalite, hauyne, calcite, and pyrite. The composition and color of lapis lazuli varies, but it is the intense dark blue, with minor patches of white calcite and brassy yellow pyrite, that is considered to be the best quality. Found in Afghanistan, Argentina, Russia (Lake Baikal), Angola, Pakistan, Chile, Canada and the USA (California and Colorado) Lapis lazuli has been worn in the belief that it will protect the wearer from evil. more about Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli - Africa John's Stone Beads
Medium Dark Spotted Lapis
$7 - $14. each How to order
Lapis - Africa John's Stone Beads
"Light" Lapis
$7 - $14. each How to order

Lepidolite - Africa John's Stone Beads

Healing PROPERTIES: Keeps father safe. Promotes success, prosperity. Magnet like qualities, attracts. Enables forgiveness. Attracts much happiness. Increases memory, faith. Encourages openness, accomplishments. Honors body as temple. Cleanses aura. Considered a "Dream Stone." High lithium content reduces stress and tension. Aids sleep. Benefits muscles and heart Vibrates to the number 8.
$ 6 - $12. each How to order

Obsidian - Astrological Sign of Sagittarius - Elemental (see types below)

Obsidian is a natural glass. It is formed from volcanic lava that cooled too quickly for significant crystallization to occur. The color may be uniform, striped, or spotted. Some inclusions give obsidian a metallic sheen, while internal bubbles or crystals produce a "snowflake" effect (called snowflake obsidian) or an iridescence seen as flashes of color. more about obsidian.
mahogany obsidian
Mahogany Obsidian
$3 - $6. each How to order
snow flake obsidian
Snow Flake Obsidian
$3 - $4 - $6 - $8 each How to order

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