Africa John's Hand Sculpted Stone Beads

Chrysoprase - Africa John's Stone Beads
Chrysoprase - Africa John's Stone Beads
Chrysoprase - Africa John's Stone Beads


Chrysoprase/Prase was used by both the Greeks and Romans as a decorative stone. It is the most valued variety of chalcedony. The color, derived from the presence of nickel, may fade in sunlight, and stones may then be confused with fine jade. more about Chrysoprase

Medium green $12 - $24. Large - $15 - $30.
Light Lime $20 - $40. and up How to order


Citrine is the yellow or golden yellow variety of quartz. The yellow coloration, due to the presence of iron, is also responsible for the name, derived from the word citrus. natural citrine is usually a pale yellow, but rare; most citrine is a heat-treated amethyst.
Found in Brazil, Spain, Madagascar and the former USSR. more about Citrine

Medium $8 - $16. Large - $15 - $30.How to order

Conglomerate - Africa John's Stone Beads

Conglomerate Conglomerate (Tennessee Conglomerate) $3, $4, $6, $8, $16. each How to order

dark red coral

Coral- (Dark Red) Mohs Hardness: 3-4

Is formed from the skeletons of tiny sea creatures. RED CORAL promotes creativity, passion, romantic love, wisdom, optimism and enthusiasm. more about coral $7, $9, $14, & $18. each How to order

dumortierite - Africa John's Stone Beads

Dumortierite was named after the French scientist M. E. Dumortier. It is best known in its massive form, which makes an attractive violet and blue decorative stone when polished. Dumortierite is also found inter grown with rock crystal (colorless quartz) and is then called Dumortierite quartz. This material is usually cut or polished to make decorative stones and beads. more about Dumortierite
Vibrates to the number 4.   $4. - $12. How to order

gaspiete - Africa John's Stone Beads


    Light green. Opaque. New to the market.

Dark matrix $8 - $16. - Light $12 - $24. How to order

Jade   - Mohs Hardness: 6.5-7 Treatment: None - Color: Soft to medium mint green to Dark green (Jadeite - Nephrite)
For centuries, jade was thought to be a single gemstone, but in 1863 two types were recognized: jadeite and nephrite. Nephrite is more common, but both are tough, fine-grained rocks, suitable for carving. Jadeite is found in Myanmar, Guatemala, Japan, Burma, and the USA (California) Nephrite is found in Turkestan, Central Asia, Myanmar, Siberia, Russia, China, New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Taiwan, Zimbabwe, Italy, Poland, Germany, and Switzerland. The Spanish conquistadors adopted the use of jadeite when they invaded Central America, and often wore amulets made from it. more about Jade Vibrates to the number 11.
Idacrase - Africa John's Stone Beads
Idacrase -
California Jade
$11 - $22. each
How to order
Feather River jade - Africa John's Stone Beads
Feather River Jade
$15 - $30. each How to order
Spider Web Jade - Africa John's Stone Beads
Spider Web Jade - (Peridot)
$6 - $12. each 
How to order
Transvaal Jade - Africa John's Stone Beads
Transvaal Jade
$12 - $24. each How to order
Wyoming Jade
$6 - $12. each How to order

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