Africa John's Hand Sculpted Stone Beads

Agate (Pink Crazy Lace)  
Agates occur in nodular masses in rocks such as volcanic lava. When split open, they have an amazing variety of patterns and colors. They have distinctive banding that separates them from other kinds of Chalcedony. Found in Germany, Uruguay, Brazil, India, China, Mexico, Madagascar, Italy, Egypt, Scotland, and the USA. More about agate   • Vibrates to the number 7
Medium $6 - $12. How to order

Amazonite Africa John's Stone Beads

Amazonite d

A green or blue-green member of the Feldspar clan. Inspires truth, sincerity, honor, self-love, communication, eloquence, integrity, trust, clairvoyance, clarity, prophecy and openness. Held to the third eye (middle of forehead), Amazonite unlocks psychic vision. • Vibrates to the number 5.
Small $4 - $8. Medium $6 -$12.
with white - Small $8. Medium $10. How to order

Anethyst - Africa John's Stone Beads

Amethyst - Mohs Hardness: 7 - Treatment: None - Color: Light to medium purple  (See Quartz)
Amethyst is crystalline quartz in shades of purple, lilac, or mauve. Amethyst is Dichroic, showing a bluish or reddish purple tinge when viewed from different angles. Some amethyst is heat treated to change the color to yellow, producing Citrine.
more about Amethyst
Dark Purple $11 - $22. each - How to order

Ametrine - Africa John's Stone Beads

Crystals that are part Citrine and part Amethyst are called Ametrine.
Vibrates to the number 4
$ 12 - $24 each How to order

Aventurine Africa John's Stone Beads

Blue Aventurine
Aventurine Africa John's Stone Beads
A type of glass discovered by chance (Italian - a ventura) around 1700 gave the same name to the similar-looking stone. Mostly dark green with metallic iridescence caused by included fuchsite (green mica) or red- to gold-brown caused by hematite leaves. Also in blue. Deposits are found in Brazil, India, Austria, Russia, and Tanzania. more about Aventurine

Raspberry $8 - $16. • Green - Light and Medium $ 6 - 12. • Dark Green - $4, $6, $8, $12, $16. • Blue Dark and Medium - $4, $6, $8, $12, $16. How to order

Bud Stone - Africa John's Stone Beads

Bud Stone
Rare - $ 6 - $12. each How to order


Is also called cornelian. This translucent, reddish orange variety of chalcedony was once thought to still the blood and calm the temper. Its various shades of red are due to the presence of iron oxide. Stones may be uniformly colored or faintly banded - Vibrates to the numbers 5 & 6 more about carnelian   $10 - $20. - How to order

Holly Blue Chalcedony
Holley Blue Chalcedony

Blue Chalcedony
Blue Chalcedony
Chalcedony   - Mohs Hardness: 7
Chalcedony is a form of quartz crystal. During the 1700's it was believed that chalcedony embodied the power to banish evil spirits and nightmares. Chalcedony was once carried by sailors to protect against drowning. Astrologers of the Middle Ages wore engraved signet rings of chalcedony as amulets. more about Chalcedony Vibrates to the number 9.
Holley Blue - $16, $20, $24, $32, $40, $48.
Blue - $6, $12, $15, $20, $24, $30, $48.
How to order

Christmas Tree Stone - Africa John's Stone Beads

Christmas Tree Stone
1/2 green 1/2 white $ 8 - $16. each

How to order

Chrysoprase - Africa John's Stone Beads
Blue Green

Chrysoprase Africa John's Stone Beads
Turquoise Blue
Parrot WIng
Parrot Wing
A blue-green member of the quartz family. Also known as Gem Silica. Is associated with tranquility, serenity, peace, subconscious wisdom, intuition, patience, nurturing, acceptance, tolerance, unconditional love, calmness, meditation, honesty, hope, intimacy, gentleness and sensitivity Vibrates to the number 5.
Blue/Green - small $4 - $8. medium $6 - $12. larger $8 - $16.
Turquoise Blue - $20 - $40.
Parrot Wing - $10 - $20. How to order

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